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Woman-owned small business.

Designer, Writer, Author, & Teacher

Blue Media Media LLC is a woman  owned business focused on graphic design, printables, educational online courses, and writing.


Why Blue Pen Media?

Long before I left the corporate world I wanted my own business.  Then after 20+ years I left to care for ill family members. Once I made that decision, I knew I needed to find a better way to earn a living rather than going back to the rat-race.  I looked at what I liked, and what I could offer others based on my skills. I’m a techie who has done a lot of different jobs in IT/web environments, but I love to create, write, and help others.  So I started my own small biz with that goal.  It’s been a long road finding that perfect combination but I’m getting there.   So thanks for stopping by.    – M.

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